Finance Act 2019 And The Excess Dividend Tax Rule

Before the enactment of the Nigerian Finance Act, 2019, Section 19 of the Companies Income Tax Act (CITA) providing for excess dividend tax could pass for the most controversial and criticized provision of CITA. Its criticisms transcended what was perceived as legislative ineptitude to what got bemoaned as judicial insensitivity, as interpretations of that section by the courts received equal knocks. The Finance Act, 2019, widely discussed for its copious amendments to extant tax […]

By |March 20th, 2020|

Taxation: Legal Milestones In 2019 And A Look Ahead

The year 2019 witnessed key changes to the GST regime, cross-border taxation framework and tax incentives for manufacturing companies and start-ups. This update summarises some of the major developments in the past year and gives a brief overview of what can be expected in 2020.
The taxation regime witnessed some significant developments in 2019. Preferential corporate tax rates were introduced for new manufacturing companies. Further, to incentivise the financial sector and boost […]

By |March 12th, 2020|

2020 Tax Trends Across The Americas

Tax reform at various stages of planning and implementation across the Americas can make it difficult to ensure your business complies in the rapidly changing landscape.

Tax reform and law changes add to the complexity of keeping business operations compliant in the region:

TMF Group’s Consultancy Solutions team can conduct a business impact assessment to help you understand and prepare for the changes that will impact your operations. Our accounting and tax experts on the ground in more than 80 […]

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