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Mr. Dong Soo Kim is a head of tax group at Yulchon. His practice also includes corporate general, litigation and arbitration. He was previously an attorney with Yulchon Law Offices and has been an attorney with Yulchon LLC since its inception, becoming a partner in 1999.

Mr. Kim wrote “Can the Earnings-stripping Rule Withstand the Crossfire of the Treaty Nondiscrimination Rule?” which was published in the Korean Taxation Law Journal and “Tax Incentives to Promote Corporate Reorganization” which was published in Human Rights and Justice. He also wrote “Lease and Tax Avoidance” for his LL.M. thesis. Most recently, he co-authored “”Beyond the Tax Audit: The Korean Tax Appeal and Litigation Systems”” for Asian Counsel (2007.10).

Mr. Kim has been an adjunct professor at Seoul National University Law School and has also held numerous memberships. He was a member of the Corporate Taxation Committee of the Tax Policy Review Council for the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the International Tax Law Reform Act Committee for the National Tax Service. He was also a member of the advisory board for the National Tax Service Call Center. He is currently a member of the Tax Quality Innovation Committee for the National Tax Service and advisor for the Jungbu District Tax Office.

Mr. Kim has represented many noclients, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, ING, Samsung Corporation, Hyundai Group, and Citibank, among others.

International Tax Team consists of Korean and foreign licensed lawyers with extensive experiences in international taxation through their previous work at leading overseas law firms and multinational companies, certified public accountants with their previous experiences in international taxation at large domestic and foreign accounting firms, experts in transfer pricing and tax attorneys from the National Tax Service with acknowledged competencies in international taxation area.

The Team strives to maximize client satisfaction by providing a full range of legal services on international taxation which include advising multinational companies on tax issues in relation to their corss border transactions, advising domestic companies on tax issues in relation to their outbound transactions, advising on tax issues in relation to joint ventures and investment funds, and advising on advance pricing agreement (APA) and transfer pricing.

“He is identified by peers as “a big player, well known in the tax area” and is considered by one source to be “one of the best tax professionals in Korea.””
Chambers & Partners, 2015