Giuliano Foglia


Foglia Cisternino & Partners
Via dei Prefetti, 17
00186 - Rome

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Mr. Foglia is the Founding Partner of Foglia Cisternino & Partners.

Giuliano Foglia has a degree in Economics from the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’. He is a Chartered Accountant and Auditor. He gained meaningful experience in leading tax firms, including Studio Maisto. Over the past 13 years, he developed his experience in the tax field, advising national clients and multinational groups as Partner of the firm Tremonti Vitali Romagnoli Piccardi e Associati, where he gained remarkable skills in many areas of national and international tax law.

His areas of specialization are, in particular: international tax law, corporate tax and corporate reorganizations, taxation of estates, transfer pricing and tax litigation.

Foglia Cisternino & Partners was born from the will to create a boutique of excellence to advise clients in all the main areas of national and international tax law.

Thanks to the expertise, experience and strong client-focused approach of the associates, the firm is recognized as a reference point in corporate reorganizations, taxation of corporations and of individuals, in real estate tax, taxation of financial instruments and of estates, transfer pricing and tax litigation.

In a phase of important changes in the tax environment, which is now facing new challenges – such as the increasing internationalization and the increase of the complexity of tax legislations – clients ask more and more for a specialized approach and an integrated advisory role, which can guide them both in the ordinary management and in extraordinary operations.

The firm Foglia Cisternino & Partners consists of a team in steady growth composed of nine professionals with high professional and human standing, with great experience in relevant operations and great enthusiasm and commitment to work together and guide clients through the most complex strategic and management decisions.

Thanks to its specialization on tax related matters both at a domestic and international level, the law and tax firm Foglia Cisternino & Partners provides consultancy on all the main areas of activities of national and international tax law, advising clients on complex and strategic management decisions.

Key Areas of Concentration:

  • Corporate Taxation
  • Extraordinary Transactions
  • Finance Tax
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Taxation of Individuals and Wealth Tax
  • International Taxation and Transfer Pricing
  • Ruling Procedures and Tax Litigation
“Giuliano Foglia recently co-founded Foglia, Cisternino & Partners upon departure from Tremonti Vitali Romagnoli Piccardi e Associati. He has significant experience in the banking and finance sectors.”
Chambers & Partners, 2016